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Berteig Consulting Inc. is interested in helping you, your team(s), and your organization learn and grow.

Achieve large quantitative results not just modest qualitative results.

We help transform people, process and culture through a systematic approach of support which includes assessment, training, coaching, mentoring, consulting, and capacity building. This successful approach allows us to build up the internal skills within an organization so that you can continue growing, learning and advancement without our external support.

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Agile uses Lean Thinking

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Our Services

At Berteig Consulting we are experts in helping organizations to transform their people, processes and culture. We focus on Agile methods and we offer the following services:

The Real Agility Program
Create high performance management and staff-level teams using Lean and Agile principles and practices. Learn more about the Real Agility Program.

Fix Your Scrum Implementation
If you aren't achieving incredible results with Scrum, we can help. Learn more about fixing your Scrum implementation.

In-House Agile Training
Sometimes all you need is a couple days of great training for your staff and management. We have over 100 satisfied clients around the world. Learn more about the Agile and Scrum Training we offer.


Public Agile Training

We offer:
- Certified ScrumMaster seminars
- Certified Product Owner seminars
- OpenAgile seminars
- Kanban seminars

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